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Nokia unlocking | Nokia Restriction Codes

Turn your sim restriction off on your Nokia



We can unlock all Nokia DCT3 and also DCT4 series models by email without the need of a data cable.


Give us the IMEI number of your mobile, the model and the network on which the phone is unlocked and we will generate the unlock code for you. The IMEI number consists of a 15 digit number found by pressing *#06# on your mobile phone keyboard. Once the mobile phone is unlocked you can start using it on any cellular network worldwide without any restrictions.


Our Special price for DCT3 & DCT4 unlocking is £3.00


What Are Nokia Restriction Codes?
Nokia phones that are restricted for use with a specific network service provider will display 'Phone Restricted', 'Sim Card Rejected' or 'Sim Card Not Accepted' when you attempt to use a Sim card from another network service provider. The 'Unlock Codes' or 'Restriction Codes' we provide will remove the network restriction allowing you to use the phone with an alternative network service provider. This method of 'Mobile Phone Unlocking' is the safest method available - visit our Is Unlocking My Phone Safe? page for more details!

Do I Need To Unlock My Nokia Phone?
You would need to unlock your Nokia phone if you wish to change your network service provider while keeping your existing Nokia handset. Unlocking your Nokia phone can also be advantageous if you currently use the 'Roaming' feature while in another country. With your phone unlocked, you will be able to purchase and use a local pre-pay Sim card while in another country. This can save you a substantial amount of money by avoiding the roaming charges normally imposed when using the 'Roaming' feature with your current network service provider!

How Can I Get Nokia Unlock/Restriction Codes?
Our secure online order process makes it easy to obtain unlock codes for your Nokia phone.

Nokia dct4 models include: Nokia 3510 Nokia 3510i Nokia 3570  Nokia 3590 Nokia 3595 Nokia 3650 Nokia 5100 Nokia 6100 Nokia 6200 Nokia 6230 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6340 Nokia 6340i Nokia 6390 Nokia 6500 Nokia 6510 Nokia 6590 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6610 Nokia 6650 Nokia 6800 Nokia 7210 Nokia 7250 Nokia 7600 Nokia 7650 Nokia 7690 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8310i Nokia 8390 Nokia 8510 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8910i Nokia N-Gage & N-Gage  QD


Nokia dct3 models include: Nokia 2100 Nokia 3210 Nokia 3260 Nokia 3285 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3320 Nokia 3330 Nokia 3350  Nokia 3390 Nokia 3395 Nokia 3410 Nokia nk402 Nokia nk503 Nokia nk702 Nokia 3810 Nokia 5110 Nokia 5110i Nokia 5125 Nokia 5130 Nokia 5148 Nokia 5170 Nokia 5180 Nokia 5185 Nokia 5190 Nokia 5210 Nokia 5510 Nokia 6090 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6110i  Nokia 6130  Nokia 6138 Nokia 6150 Nokia 6150e Nokia 6160  Nokia 6185 Nokia 6188 Nokia 6190  Nokia 6210 Nokia 6250 Nokia 7110 Nokia 7190 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8250  Nokia 8270 Nokia 8290 Nokia 8810 Nokia 8850 Nokia 8855  Nokia 8890 Nokia 9210 Nokia 9290 Top nokia unlock codes & nokia restriction codes


Please choose what Nokia phone model you want to unlock:

Nokia dct3 phone model


Nokia dct4 phone model 








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